One of our hopes with LLTM was that we would move, touch and inspire others to share, care and act. I was thrilled to receive this note from Hans immediately following the conference. With his permission I am honored to share a poem he sent us.

“Thanks for a beautiful event. Things were stirred up for me these past four days, but in a good way. Along with many other presentations, I was moved by Wakefield Brewster’s poetry. I wrote a poem a few years ago and would like to share it with whomever.”

I am a Man

As men we block
we dare not talk
lest others mock
stay hard as rock
and walk the walk

Don’t show my fears
just hide my tears and steadfast show throughout the years
that I am tough and can rebuff
the claim of trauma on my life
Estrangement’s pains, the awful strife
with children, parents, siblings, wife
Life’s partners, be they friends or foes
add to my burdens and my woes
Where is that place where mercy grows
and peace, sweet peace like water flows?

Instead; a drink or nine or ten. 
some whiskey, beer, why not some gin?
as tonic for my soul runs thin
Just down some pills, more now than then
I’ve stopped before, now start again
and dance the dance of one possessed
and ball my fists, all thoughts repressed
and rage my rage inside my cage
It strangles all and can’t assuage
nor ever let me turn the page
on sorrow, hurt, and emptiness

I am so spent,
and life’s so hard,
’til I can hold Love’s calling card



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