The Future of Men and Mental Health

Session Description

Our panel will discuss some of the challenges of the next generation of men and some of the strategies used to support those men. This is going to be an amazing discussion with ages ranging from Gr. 7, Gr. 10, University age and at least one oldie (Me).
We’ll chat about:

  • What are some of the common issues/challenges facing young men today?
  • What supports/resources (or lack thereof) are available?
  • How do young men find these resources?
  • What do we need more of?
  • What do we need less of?
  • How do we create spaces for young men to explore?
  • How do we teach young men to foster healthy relationships?


To follow


February 8, 2022
7:30pm MST

Concurrent Keynote

45 minutes 
Plus Q & A


Mike Cameron

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