About The Alberta Men’s Collaborative

The Alberta Men’s Collaborative was born out of the need for those working in the area of men’s wellness to collaborate and share best practices. There is a lot of amazing work being done for men’s mental health, unfortunately, much of it is being done in silos. We plan to change that.

Alberta Men's Collaborative

Our Mission

To actively explore, consolidate, and promote evidence-informed best and promising practices that support the health and well-being of those who identify as men.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where those who identify as men feel safe to integrate versions of masculinity that build on the strengths of traditional values while allowing for a full expression of all parts of themselves.

Our Values

To the Alberta Men’s Collaborative, Compassion is Empathy in action. We value identifying and understanding the feelings and perspectives of all communities, with a commitment to collaboratively facilitate positive and healthy change.

Action Statement: Walk a Mile…

To work with all communities to achieve a common goal.

Mantra: Together We Grow

We recognize and value the diversity of people and the uniqueness of the human experience.

Mantra: Everyone at the Table

Vulnerability is the intentional exposure to perceived risk to develop conscious connection.

Mantra: Vulnerability is Courage

A holistic lens that emphasizes one’s ability to be agents of change through internal resourcefulness.

Mantra: Build Back Better

We value the uniqueness, importance and inherent dignity of each individual person.