Wakefield Brewster

aka Da Lyrical Pitbull

Da Lyrical Pitbull

My name is Wakefield Brewster, aka Da Lyrical PitBull. 

I am a Professional Poet and Spoken Word Artist, Professional Poetic Interpreter, Mentor, Teacher & Community Builder. I am also a Registered Massage Therapist, Owner & Operator of WakeFull Wellness Registered Massage Therapy & HealingSpace. I am an Alcoholic since age 8 and Substance Abuser since age 18, now in an acute and active state of uninterrupted recovery for the last 5.5 years. 

I am a Public Advocate for Literacy & The Humanities, Healing Arts & Alternative Medicine, Alcoholism & Addictions, Mental Wellness & Recovery. In my session, I shall simply perform some of my most visual and visceral pieces of Poetry to express in particular, vulnerability. I am hoping that this presentation of lyrical and subject vulnerability will allow others to find a safe place to be vulnerable, in words, in Poetry, in written and performed expression. 

These are some of the tenants of engagement that I employ when teaching others how to be Wide Open With Words. It is not in the interest of turning the world into Poets – I don’t need that kind of competition – but if a body lends themself to some sessions with me and learns in any capacity to alter their capacity for language through our sessions – that is the mission – literacy enhancement. Now, going into the world with more lyrical options is self-empowering and allows a person’s capacity of literacy to enhance their world around them. That, in many senses, in many cases, promotes Healing. I believe that they are not absolute, but I truly and firmly believe that there are ways to Write Your Way To Wellness. ~w.


February 10, 2022

Spoken Word Artist



Wakefield Brewster