Suicide and Therapy: Moving Forwards Through Attempts and Loss

Session Description

In this session you will hear from Wesley Jones, a suicide prevention advocate, and Darcy Kipp, a veteran peer with the Canadian Mental Health Association’s suicide bereavement group. Wesley will share his personal experience with suicide, PTSD, mental health struggles, and the benefits of therapy. This will be followed by a Q&A. After the Q&A Darcy will share his experience with losing someone to suicide, reaching out for help, managing day to day life, and participating in a suicide bereavement group along with its benefits. A second Q&A will then close out the session.

Wesley Jones

Just a young guy who wants to stop people from feeling the need to take their own lives. Currently volunteering with Living Hope on the High Risk Subcommittee and the Steering Committee. Also volunteering with The Peer Support Network in the Peer Working Group, Peer Support Circle Working Group, and as a co-lead of the Suicide Attempt Survivor Subcommittee. Actively developing a Recovery College course on skills development and personal growth for suicide attempt survivors, as well as a graduate level knowledge based course on suicide for therapists and physicians. Open to new work opportunities both paid and volunteer. Feel free to send me a private message at any point before/during/after the conference.

D'Arcy Kipp

I am a father who has experienced the loss of a child.  My son Zach died by suicide on June 19, 2015 at the age of 27.  After our tragic loss I have become a passionate advocate for mental health and suicide prevention.  Currently I’m volunteering as a member of the CMHA strategy committee and am a member at large for CASP  (Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention).  


February 9, 2022

Concurrent Session

45 minutes 
Plus Q & A