How Can Being a Dad Be Good for Your Health?

Session Description

In his talk, David will speak about his 30 years of research and work with dads in all their diversity as well as his 34 years as a dad who continues to be raised by 4 (now adult) daughters. The session will invite participants to better understand how the lessons our children teach us as dads can be good for our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. 


David and his wife Karen moved to Edmonton from Ontario in 1989 to begin their “interesting” journey of raising 4 gifted, loving daughters. During the past 33 years as a sociology professor at The King’s University, David has enjoyed teaching thousands of students and collaborating with a wide variety of government and community organizations committed to understanding and bringing hope to boys and men. His Irish spirit is always moved by the sound of male laughter, and his research, writing and community work has long been informed by his sense that the boys and men in our lives will experience hope and well-being to the extent that we commit ourselves to listening to them respectfully, sharing with them openly, and showing our appreciation for them in all their diversity.

Session Recording

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February 16, 2023
7:10 pm

Power Session

15 minutes 


David Long

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