Dr. John Ogrodniczuk

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Last year we had lots of questions for Dr. Ogrodniczuk so this year we are going to open the virtual floor and have a community led conversation. Some of the areas in Dr. Ogrodniczuk’s area of expertise include:

Speaker Biography

Ruthann Weeks is a Cultural Change Strategist and Principal Consultant at Harmony In The
Workplace. She is a change agent whose efforts have helped to bring the importance of an
abuse-free work environment to the forefront of public awareness. She is an author and gifted
speaker who delivers a powerful message about today’s workplace challenges.
Working as a Certified Resource Specialist in the human service sector, Ruthann went on to
graduate as a Human Resource Manager. She is a Certified Psychological Safety Advisor and
specializes in leadership development, people and culture, diversity and inclusion, workplace
bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and mental health in the workplace.


February 16, 2023
7:30pm Mountain


15 minutes 
Plus Interactive Q & A


Ruthann Weeks

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